Our Products


All our chicken is processed daily on the premises. We promote the Good Life free range brand, farmed in Pukekohe – live the good life, our chooks do.

What makes our chicken better than the competition? It’s more tender, it’s leaner and it’s tastier. It’s everything you’d expect from quality chicken. You won’t know how good it is until you taste it.

We have a wide variety of chicken cuts available for purchase in store at Saint Johns Butchery:

  • Whole Chicken
  • Chicken Mince
  • Chicken Legs
  • Chicken Breasts
  • Butterflied Chicken
  • Chicken Supreme (flavoured boneless stuffed whole chicken)
  • Chicken Kebabs (plain and flavoured)
  • Chicken Nibbles (plain and flavoured)
  • Chicken Drumsticks (plain and flavoured)
  • Chicken Thighs, Boneless
  • Chicken Schnitzel
  • Chicken Alexander
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu
  • Chicken Kiev
  • Chicken Steaks (flavoured)
Saint Johns Butchery Flavoured Chicken